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Flowmore launches large pig into aquaduct for cleaning.

Pipeline Cleaning and Pipeline Cleaning Equipment

What we do...

Flowmore Services specializes in pipeline cleaning. Flowmore crews have successfully cleaned over 5 million linear feet of piping ranging from 2” to over 84” in diameter. We are prepared and equipped to provide assistance on small or large cleaning projects.

Flowmore Services stocks a full line of pipeline cleaning equipment including POLY-PIGS, pig launchers, pig trackers, pipe stoppers and pumps.

How we do it...

Flowmore Services cleans pipelines by hydraulically or pneumatically propelling a series of flexible foam POLY-PIGS (cleaners) through the line. In the case of heavy build-ups, the POLY-PIGS are introduced into the system in a progressive manner beginning with smaller and softer cleaning units working up to full sized cleaners with more abrasive qualities. This POLY-PIG cleaning method has proven to be the safest, fastest and most economical way to clean most pipelines.

Pipeline Cleaning Specialists for
Over 30 Years

Pipe showing buildup of minerals

Pipe with buildup of minerals reduces flow through the pipeline. Pigging the pipeline removes this buildup using a variety of poly pigs.

Selection of poly pigs

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