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Pipeline Cleaning Services

Pipeline cleaning prior to start-up can help prevent blocked pipes, damaged equipment and product contamination. Flowmore offers mechanical pipeline cleaning services, using a variety of purpose-built pigs.

A series of flexible foam pipeline pigs are pneumatically or hydraulically propelled through the line. In pipelines with heavy build-ups, progressively more aggressive poly-pigs are introduced throughout the process. It starts with smaller, softer pigs, but crews will work up to more abrasive, larger pigs over time.

Our pipeline pigs are especially adapted to your contaminated pipeline, and compressed using air, water or product. The pics will scrape or rub the pipeline clean from inside, and can also be equipped with attachments to enhance the removal of certain deposits. Carbide-tipped pigs are often best used in heavily encrusted pipelines to:

  • Restore Flow - It's not unusual for the flow to increase by double or even more in older pipelines.
  • Reduce Pumping Costs - Large lines can see tremendous power savings as the result of pipeline cleaning.
  • Cleaner Product - Pipeline cleaning can remove impurities such as red water from the pipes, thus resulting in a cleaner product.

About Flowmore Pipeline Cleaning

The Flowmore team has cleaned in excess of five million linear feet of piping of a great variety of diameters. As pipeline cleaning specialists, we have the skilled technicians and specialist equipment to handle your big or small projects.

We stock a full line of pipeline cleaning equipment, including:

  • pipeline pigs
  • pig launchers
  • pig trackers
  • pipe stoppers
  • and pumps.

Chemical-mechanical cleaning involves using biodegradable chemical cleaners between consecutive pipeline pigs, and it is alternated with clean water. The process is followed by a pipeline analysis.

Book Your Pipeline Cleaning Service

Get in touch with Flowmore services today to book your pipeline cleaning service. The company serves both domestic and many international markets. Speak to Flowmore today about your requirements and obtain a lump sum estimate based on labor, materials and per foot pricing.

Pipeline Cleaning