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Pipeline cleaning step-by-step...

The photos at right demonstrate how introducing POLY-PIGS into the pipeline works to clean the line.

Photo 1 shows the poly pig being introduced into the pipeline. Photo 2 shows dirty water being forced out of the line ahead of the pig. As each pig moves down the line, the effluent gets darker (Photo 3) as more buildup is removed. Finally, the water released from the line is clear with a highly increased flow in photos 4 and 5. Photo 6 shows used poly-pigs called swabs after their trip down the pipeline. The results of pigging include restored flow, reduced pumping costs, and a much cleaner product once impurities are removed.

The Results...

  • Restored Flow:
    It is not uncommon to see flow increases of double (or more) in old lines.
  • Reduced Pumping Costs:
    Power savings can be dramatic in large lines.
  • Cleaner Product:
    Impurities such as Red Water can be eliminated.
  • Pleased Customers:
    Due to good results and minimum service downtime.

Flowmore in action...

Flowmore Services offers lump sum, time/materials and per foot pricing. Contact us for budget estimates, firm quotes, references or to simply discuss your pipeline cleaning requirements. We serve both domestic and most international markets.
Photo 6: Used swabs after the pigging job